The bouquet

Its valentine's day!!! And what to talk about other than love!!!

From the nephew who is telling you about his sweet crush in his nursery school to that grumpy geezer on your way to work with old tales of passion lighting up his tired eyes, the one thing that we ought to find in them irrespective of who they are, intertwined within every aspect of life, is love, ofcourse...(not that every one will admit to it). And one might say it is not justified to look at love through the eyes of a couple alone and the emotion you share with your parents, siblings, relatives and even with that irritating neighbour whose head you might have wanted to smack with a frying pan a thousand times, as love; today being valentines day, i guess i can take the liberty of talking about 'couples' kind of love. More specifically, how you express it.. Or rather how 'i' express it...

Its kind of tiring to go through your whatsapp statuses on a normal day, and today, you will have to multiply the tediousness by 3, with all the pictures of our love birds looking at each other. I dont mean any offence. (this is my inability to express my love speaking). And being the special day as it is, like all the others, i too recieved my dear one's heart in a bunch of flowers, along with an innocent request.. Please put up a status with the flowers in it..

That extrovert who is reading this might be thinking, what is so difficult about it? its just a picture... Lemme explain to you guys... Imagine standing in pune-bangalore highway in your birth suit, at the middle of the day, with a live podcast of the same playing in your facebook feed. Do you get it now? Multiply the pain by two and you can experience what i might feel doing just a status update. I have been keeping the same dp for my account for the past 1 and half years, for gods sake!!

And yes, such a request pulled up. Being such a special day, ready to go through all the trouble, i half heartedly posted it up. And half way through the day, she stopped talking to me. I was worried at first. Did i do something wrong? Did i say something hurtful?

After a thousand 'what happened?' and hours of silence, i got a reply. - "i took all the pain to send you these flowers, and this is what you post ? 'the flowers came..', that's it? ". Me who was expecting something like "why did you cheat on me", was surprised and relieved at the same time.

You might be thinking now. What is so much to write about such a small tiff? Lemme tell you. We've been in a relationship for many years. And that too a long distance one. All through, she was the talkative one, and me, the silent one. And over all her efforts to make me more outgoing, i still remained quiet. But now, I want to come out of my fear, and at least once, want to tell her in front of all of you. Dear love, I know it was your innocent emotions that made you ask me to do such a silly deed, and i know it will be hard for others to comprehend it being difficult. But it still was, and im sorry for that. But believe me, i know the way you smile, the pace you walk, the sweet sound of your voice and the glitter in your eyes. I can tell you how you feel from the way you talk to me by phone. And i know it was hard being away all these years. And that your silly requests are your way of showing your warmth.

I want you to know, how much indrawn i may be quiet i might seem, my heart will always skip a beat when i hear your voice. Happy valentine's day!!

On your face, extroverts!!!